Gerry Dieffenbach
Musical Director
Additional Music

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Gerry is a singer, songwriter, pianist and musical director. He has twice received the Songwriters Guild of America President's Award, the Back Stage Bistro Award for Outstanding Musical Director, the CAB Magazine Award for Sustained Achievement, the OOBR Award for a review of his original music, and the Critics Choice Award for Outstanding Album of the Year for his CD of original songs, Well Informed. He performs his own music and pop standards in his inimitable style in the New York clubs weekly. He has music directed and accompanied numerous performers including, Shana Hicks, Georga Osborne, Christine Pedi, Dariusde Haas, Karen Mason, and Donny Osmond. Gerry is presently writing and developing several new projects. As her associate, he is a vocal coach who studies voice with and teaches the technique of Joan Lader.